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A Finished Painting in One Hour

Just One Hour! That’s all the time given to artists to complete a painting before it goes to auction at the great WNC Quick Draw event held every year in Waynesville, NC to help raise funds to support Art Education programs and scholarships in Haywood County. Two years ago, I was a spectator at this event. It was a blast of an evening!

Imagine this: As I walk in the door I am welcomed by lovely people and offered delicious nibbles and beverages. There is time to leisurely walk around the floor where artists are setting up for that all important hour. The artists are varied, friendly and talented. There is live music and a silent auction to browse as well. The hour of the “quick-draw” begins with a bell and the public moves around from station to station watching art in the making. It’s exciting! It’s amazing and it’s fun!

Some of the Asheville areas best artists paint at the event each year. In 2016 Jo Ridge Kelly painted this large and beautiful oil painting of waterlilies and Cheryl Keefer painted one of her much loved rainy street scenes.

When the closing bell rings there is an announcement, “put your brushes down” and the art is complete.

Within a short time, pieces are signed, framed and moved to the auction room where more fun begins. With paddle in hand, you have the chance to bid on the work of some of the areas most loved artists in Western North Carolina.

I have no idea what this year holds but it sure will be fun to see it unfold. Following the auction, all are invited into the dining room at the Laurel Ridge Country Club for a buffet of fabulous food. The evening is very special!

This year, I will be returning for my third year and my second year as a live painter. I’ll be painting a local landscape scene on 14” x 18” paper with watercolors.

I don’t know what my final choice for subject matter will be but shown above is a practice piece created from a photo from one of our nearby mountain tops. I've got a few more days to play around and then it's time to face the bell.

The final result will be signed, matted and framed when it goes on to auction. ONE HOUR! That requires practice, passion, and nerves of steel. Come watch! For tickets to this gala event, visit

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