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The Painting Experience: A adventure in process art

There is something about the middle of August in my life. Many significant dates collide and often it is the beginning of something…birthdays, new house, and again today, I begin a new blog. It might be less significant than some ithings in the grand view of life, but it’s something to notice.

About Six years ago we closed the deal on our current home north of Asheville. Months earlier, when we had found the place, I had put significant dates in my calendar when I thought it might be a good time for things to happen. I chose August 13th for the closing date because it was the Friday before the beginning of a workshop that I wanted to attend in Asheville. I was elated when it came time to set that date because it was precisely as I had hoped!!! We closed on the house in the morning and that evening I was at the workshop!

I was not painting at the time but the itch to get into it was growing stronger as I could feel my youngest daughter entering a period of independence that would begin to allow me increasingly more time for my own pursuits. I stumbled upon “The Painting Experience” developed by Stewart Cubley and it sounded intriguing. It co-insides in so many ways with my continuous quest to understand myself on a deeper level.

The painting experience is completely different from what I have been doing recently. There is no plan or idea of what the subject will be. It is all about process. It begins with a mind clearing and the intention to stay un-attached to the finished work. It is about discoveries about self that come from that experience. What emerges comes from unknown regions of the mind, heart, and soul? Imagine that! It is a bit scary facing the blank canvas with no agenda but it is also super exciting!!

Six years ago, I ended up painting that weekend with the bright tempera paints on poster board that are provided. I completed three or 4 paintings. I have kept one on my wall ever since, to remind me of the process and what it allows.

Next weekend, I will return to the “Painting Experience” for the first time since 2010 as it takes place in Asheville again, as it does yearly around this time. I am so curious to see how my 2 years of painting and gaining technique in conveying what I see externally with effect my means of conveying what I experience internally.

Following that, and even more fascinating, will be how re-focusing on the internal experiences, and the landscape of the soul, will effect the rest of my artwork. I’ll share more with you as I experience this in coming weeks and beyond.

For more information about the “Painting Experience” visit their website:



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