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"I experience, express and realize a more beautiful world through my life and work" 

Sue Dolamore’s recent works are the result of painting in some of the most beautiful locations in our mountain region.  Sue paints 90% of her work en plein air.  She has set up her easel in high mountain forests, open meadows nestled in valleys, on misty woodland trails, by singing rivers and in many special places, enjoying the nature around while feeling the earth beneath and the boundless sky above.  Part of the experience is the engagement of her senses as she takes in the wonders around her.  Recently, a fan commented on one of her landscapes, “It smells wonderful.  Fresh clean mountain air, fragrant.  Beautiful painting!” while another said, “I feel like I could walk right into that scene.”   These comments affirm that Sue has fulfilled her intention in her work, which is to capture the essence of nature’s exquisite design with it’s many layers and levels so that those who end up with one of her paintings will feel that they can bring that energy into their homes and spaces for remembrance, inspiration and well being. 

Sue Dolamore lives with her husband, youngest daughter and two cats in Marshall, North Carolina in a round house that sits on a ridge above a river gorge.  She is thankful every day for her good life, enriched by loving relationships with family and many friends, for the opportunity to serve her community as the coordinator of the plein air artists in the greater Asheville area, for all the beauty that surrounds her and most of all for her connection with the Infinite. 

A note from Sue to you:

“Thank you for taking time to get to know a little more about me and my art!  I'd love to get to know you too.  I welcome emails at  Tell me a little about you and why you enjoy my work.  I look forward to hearing from you!”


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