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"I experience, express and realize a more beautiful world through my life and work" 

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I am most proud of my latest work which is a synthesis of many influences and techniques acquired over the years.  Because of my love for a challenge I had experimented with many media, tools and techniques.  I repeatedly found myself enjoying linework with various pens, brushes and writing tools.  I also returned over and over again to watercolor, for its luminosity, cheerful colors and practical nature.  It is easy to transport and clean up.  I became fascinated with color palettes and began playing with limited colors.  I worked abstractly to eliminate any influence that subjects might have on my play with color.  I first laid down a framework of bold black lines in dynamic compositions with  an exciting sense of movement.  As colors were added, they came alive!    Eventually, some of that experimentation leaned more towards representational and now I enjoy doing both of these.  

The plein air painting that had been a huge part of my early years as a painter provided a strong foundation in many media.  In experimenting with abstraction, I stepped away from my weekly practice of outdoor painting long enough to gain confidence in approaching work from a looser and more expressive point of view.  Now, I enjoy sometimes returning to the fundamentals of the early work and at other times blending the many techniques into fresh new work.  You’ll see a wide mix of styles in my portfolio and that’s just the way I like it for now.   

Thank you for taking time to get to know a little more about me and my art!  I'd love to get to know you too.  I welcome emails at  Tell me a little about you and why you enjoy my work.  I look forward to hearing from you!



Sue Dolamore lives with her husband, youngest daughter and two cats in Marshall, North Carolina in a round house that sits on a ridge above a river gorge.  She is thankful every day for her good life, enriched by loving relationships with family and many friends, for the opportunity to serve her community as the coordinator of the plein air artists in the greater Asheville area, for all the beauty that surrounds her and most of all for her connection with the Infinite. 


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